Terms & Conditions


A full and binding agreement will be issued for all services and products. We set out below standard service levels and terms prior to sale.


Funding is from a number of sources such as Energy Suppliers or Government Initiatives. All funding is subject to availability and funding supplier guidelines.

All funding proposed is calculated on the basis of the information you provide around the building/s current performance and anticipated improvements. Funding rates are an indication based on predicted carbon savings and are open to acceptance for 30 days. Funding is based upon all measures proposed being carried out in accordance with energy supplier and Ofgem guidelines. There may be a slight change of funding offered subject to carrying out a sample of up to date RDSAP Assessments. Funding will be fully confirmed once the sample RDSAP or Green Deal assessment results have been obtained and an agreement will be issued.

Funding and Works Agreement

An agreement will be issued. The funding and/or works agreement will be a binding document which will detail the final funding and installation contract rates, processes and timescales. We anticipate this contractual agreement will need your full attention and will meet with you and talk you through the agreement and any arising queries before you proceed. For us to process the works we would need a contract to be signed by the customer and in some cases the contractor.

Measure Specifics and Technical Specification

All works and materials are subject to availability. All materials and measures require the relevant funding approval such as BBA, ETA and should meet energy supplier and Ofgem guidelines. All measures should meet building regulations and come with the relevant warranties and guarantees in accordance with funding guidelines. For example, solid wall insulation must come with a SWIGA guarantee or an equivalent guarantee.

Should you be unsure of funding guidelines we request that you contact us to agree prior to works commencing. All materials and project specifics require confirmation of funding approval prior to works starting.


Funding is based on planning permission being granted for works to go ahead. Planning permissions is your responsibility and we advise that you contact us for any guidance on planning requirements.

PAS 20:30

Selected contractors must be PAS 20:30 approved and we may require evidence of accreditation prior to funding arrangements being agreed. All contractors must agree to provide upon request, any information that may be required by Effective Heating, the Supplier or Ofgem for the purpose of the audit.


A vital part of our role is to ensure that projects are compliant to Ofgem standards and requirements. Effective Heating will undertake random quality inspections during/and/or after the installation process; all results will be reported back to you on the quality of the work with details of any remedial works that may need to be undertaken.

We would ask that the details of remedial works are passed on to the contractor and we are informed when remedial works are completed. Remedial work will need to be carried out to a specified time-scale as specified by Effective Heating.

Health and Safety

Throughout the installation process, we will undertake random health and safety checks to ensure compliance with Ofgem and Health and Safety Standards. We expect contractors to be fully compliant and will report these findings to the relevant parties. All contractors and customers agree to provide, upon request, any information that may be required by Effective Heating, the Supplier or Ofgem for the purpose of the audit.

Customer Satisfaction

Effective Heating may carry out a customer satisfaction surveys which will be reported to energy suppliers and funding partners. This information will also be used to improve our products and services.

Funding Claims

Should the funding claim be discovered to have been previously funded through another supplier then Effective Heating reserves the right to retrieve the funding from you which has been incorrectly claimed.

Submissions for funding must be made prior to the term of the contract end dates, any funding submitted after the contract end date may be rejected. You must make every effort to work with us to ensure a claim of funding can be made, otherwise, this may jeopardise your ability to claim funding on time and within funding guidelines.

General Conditions

Funding and prices exclude VAT, which will be payable in accordance with current legislation.

For private homes, we may require an Application and Conformance Certificate, which is to be ratified by the funding energy supplier and written confirmation is provided by Effective Heating.

Funding provisions are conditional upon satisfactory work completion and will be subject to technical and commercial audit.

The measures and property details where work has been undertaken will be scrutinised by Ofgem against a national database to avoid any risk of duplication of any related carbon dioxide savings. Duplication may result in none payment of funding or we may request that you return any funding paid for duplicate households.


Customers not happy with the level of service provided are able to send a complaint to us at the below addresses:


Effective Heating
Unit 1 Crompton Business Park
Crompton Road

Upon receiving your complaint we will:

  1. Take the time to understand your complaint and respond within a 48 hour period.
  2. Send an acknowledgement letter to you, informing you of the process and timescales to resolve.
  3. If the complaint is of a serious nature (such as a safety issue) then we will immediately escalate to a manager.
  4. Investigate your complaint. (You will be welcome to contact us at any time during the resolution period).
  5. Aim to resolve within a reasonable timescale for all parties.
  6. Send you a resolution letter, informing you of the steps that have been taken.
  7. Arrange a follow-up phone call to confirm that you are happy with the resolution.
  8. If you are not happy, then a manager should be notified and they will handle the case from that point forward until a resolution has been found.

Still not satisfied?

As Effective Heating is a Which? Trusted Trader, there is an additional layer of protection available to our customers. In the unlikely event that you feel that your complaint has still not come to a satisfactory resolution, you can contact the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman to independently investigate your concerns. More information can be found at


Where you have a complaint regarding financial services we have offered, and you are not satisfied with our resolution or 8 weeks have passed, you have the right to refer your complaint within 6 months of our response to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Their details are shown below.

The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Or you can telephone on: 0800 023 4567

Or email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Further information can be obtained from the Financial Ombudsman Service’s website at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Refer a Friend

  1. This scheme is available to anyone.
  2. The recommended friend or family member must have a boiler fitted before the Amazon voucher will be issued.
  3. In the event that Effective Heating is (for whatever reason) unable to procure the indicated voucher, then a substitute voucher of equal value will be sent subject to these same terms and conditions.
  4. A £100 Amazon voucher will be issued to customers who refer people who do not qualify under the ECO Scheme.
  5. If the person who is referred has a boiler fitted under the ECO Scheme the referring person will receive a £50 Amazon Voucher.
  6. Effective Heating is under no obligation to send vouchers within a certain timeframe but will communicate the exact date they are sent.
  7. The voucher will be sent by post or email.
  8. The referred person must be notified and have consented to their details being passed to Effective Heating for this scheme before the referral.
  9. There is no limit to the number of friend or family members you can refer to us.
  10. Full and accurate details of the friend or family member must be filled in.
  11. Effective Heating may end this offer at any given time without notice.

Company Information

Effective Heating Ltd
Company number: 10441082
Registered office address: 1 Boston Road, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 1AA
VAT Registration No: 284069579
Registered in: England and Wales
Company type: Private limited company
Tel: 0333 323 1404
Email: sales@effectiveheating.co.uk

Effective Heating is a trading name of Effective Heating Ltd. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN:814597 We are a Credit Broker and not a Lender. We offer credit facilities from a Panel of Lenders

* Subject to qualifying criteria and technical survey
** Source: Energy Saving Trust