ESI Controls

About ESI Controls

Established in 2008, ESi Controls Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KOPEK Industries, a full turn-key company that brings to the market an unsurpassed experience in the area of electronic controls, RF and fibre technology.

ESi Controls Ltd is one of the fastest growing designers and manufacturers of heating controls in the UK, their in-house experienced R&D department has developed a range of Energy Saving Innovative heating controls for residential and commercial use.

ESI Controls consists of two manufacturing facilities which house the latest processes and automatic test methods. ESI Controls has around 1,500 personnel and an additional 100 middle, senior management and research staff.

ESI Controls Product Range

ESI 5 Series

ESI Controls vast product range doesn’t compromise on innovation and design with the 5 series. You can simply and safely change over any of the 5 series products without disconnecting the power thanks to the innovative click on/off backplate.

ESI Channel Programmers

The ESI Controls range of programmers and time switches have been developed to offer a combination of flexibility and ease of use, whilst maintaining modern styling.

ESI Programmable Room Thermostats

The ESI Controls range of programmable thermostats are easy to use, quick to install and packed with smart energy saving features that give homeowners high levels of control ensuring maximum comfort.


ESI Room Thermostats

ESI thermostats are both modern and elegant and their digital models operate using a simple dial operated mechanical control.

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