At Effective Heating we are committed to making sure that we protect your heating system against the harsh conditions that is has to deal with. Boilermag combine high performance with ease of installation and servicing, Boilermag uses tried and tested patented magnetic technology to remove virtually 100% of magnetite (sludge) and scale on the first pass through the filter.

The Boilermag range is designed and manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics who have over 100 years of experience in designing magnetic systems. Boilermag are also part of the worldwide Spear & Jackson Group who have a 250 year history in the industry meaning that Boilermag’s products are backed by industry experts giving you that extra sense of security that their products are the highest quality you can buy.

The dual flow system filter protects your heating system for years. The systems key features are:

  • Any direction install (pipework or filter)
  • 22mm and 28mm versions available
  • High volume collection capacity
  • High performance dirt removal
  • Easy “in-line” installation
  • No block feature

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