ECO3 Broken Boiler Contributions

To see how much money you will have to put towards a new boiler under the ECO scheme look at the information below:

­Solid WallCavity Wall
House TypeCustomer ContributionCustomer Contribution
1 bed end-terrace£590.00£825.00
2 bed end-terrace£395.00£625.00
3 bed end-terrace£250.00£495.00
4 bed end-terrace£100.00£250.00
5 + bed end-terrace£100.00£100.00
1 bed mid-terrace£790.00£950.00
2 bed mid-terrace£675.00£790.00
3 bed mid-terrace£490.00£590.00
4 bed mid-terrace£250.00£390.00
5 + bed mid-terrace£100.00£200.00
2 bed semi-detached£390.00£590.00
3 bed semi-detached£290.00£490.00
4 bed semi-detached£0.00£275.00
5 + bed semi-detached£0.00£100.00
2 bed detached£100.00£390.00
3 bed detached£0.00£250.00
4 bed detached£0.00£0.00
5 bed detached£0.00£0.00
6+ bed detached£0.00£0.00
1 bed semi-detached bungalow£750.00£790.00
2 bed semi-detached bungalow£595.00£690.00
3 + bed semi-detached bungalow£295.00£390.00
1 bed mid-terrace bungalow£850.00£890.00
2 bed mid-terrace bungalow£750.00£790.00
3 + mid-terrace bungalow£395.00£490.00
1-2 bed detached bungalow£200.00£390.00
3 + bed detached bungalow£100.00£100.00

Prices based on:

  • Combi or Conventional boiler swap
  • Ideal boiler with 2 year warranty
  • Wall hung boilers

Extra charges (to be added if required to the contributions above)

Worcester Bosch (24/30 kw combi only and up to 24kw conventional)£200
Back Boiler Upgrade/Conversion£650
Extended Warranty£35 for every additional year up to 10
Floor Standing BoilerPrice on survey
Vertical Flue (including flue, slate, connector, bracket)£210
Flue Extension (outside of standard flue or vertical flue pack)£40
Pair of 45-degree flue bends£55
1 x 90-degree flue bend£30
Plume Management Kit£72
Supply and fit condensate pump£130
Gas pipe upgrades (after initial 3m)£7/m
TRVs (after initial 7)£20 per valve
Soakaway (if removing concrete base)£60
Access EquipmentPrice separately